Accessing Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance Benefits

Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance elder care benefits are not charitable or welfare based assistance programs. Many seniors are under the mistaken impression that one must be impoverished to access Medicaid or VA benefits. With a growing senior population – more and more middle class Americans are needing access to elder care — yet refuse to consider Medicaid or VA home care benefits due to the misconception that they might lose the family home or have too much money in the bank to qualify.

VA and Medicaid estate planning protects assets and shortens the qualification window while freeing you from financial worry and concern – and can protect the family home as well. A properly designed estate plan also provides a road map of your wishes for your heirs and can ensure that your assets are available during your lifetime for your health and well-being.

You might be surprised what you can do with the proper guidance when planning for your long term future – and discover the path you really wanted all along – access to Medicaid and VA programs without spending down your life savings or exposing the family home to liens or the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program known as MERP.

VA and Medicaid Estate Planning and Asset Protection are unlike any other form of financial planning or conventional estate planning – this type of planning requires a cooperative effort between the legal community and the financial world.

A qualifying estate plan will consist of certain types of specialized or expanded legal instruments with powers that extend beyond a conventional will or statutory documents. On the financial side – it requires special training and knowledge to underwrite assets that will comply with the rules and guidelines of Medicaid and the VA Improved Pension Aid & Attendance Benefit.

Legacy Care Planning works in cooperation with the legal and financial community to offer VA and Medicaid case consultation. To submit a case or to request assistance – go to the “Get Started Now” tab– upon submission a qualified representative will contact your office to answer your questions and address your client’s concerns.

Navigating VA and Medicaid planning and eligibility requirements are extremely complex – but with a strategic and coordinated effort between qualified representatives of the legal and financial world – the challenge of protecting a lifetime of hard earned assets and accessing vital supplemental benefits for elder care will become a reality.

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