Legal Powers offer Assistance in the Midst of Crisis

The importance of obtaining legal powers or current Power of Attorney documents from a qualified legal professional when dealing with a Care Crisis cannot be overstated.  Legal Powers to act on someone else's behalf not only offer assistance in the midst of a Critical Care event -- but in most cases, are legally required to authorize treatment, medications or care assistance.

Legal Powers are commonly referred to as "Statutory" or "Durable Power of Attorney" or just the abbreviated format -- POA. This unique power is also considered a living power -- in that it offers the authority to act on behalf of someone who is still living, but is experiencing critical illness or a general decline in health.

The best time to review legal powers and related statutory documents such as directives for physicians and medical preferences is at the time of capacity -- or when one is generally able to manage their own affairs. Obtaining legal powers after the incapacity has occurred is usually handled through the courts and can both expensive and time consuming.

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