Finishing Well in Life - With Purpose and Plan

 An exciting new church based series entitled “Finishing Well in Life” led by Hal Habecker, Pastor and Theologian, is being conducted in local churches throughout the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. This discipleship series reveals insights on discovering God’s purpose for the senior generation – and the importance of developing a plan to finish well. 

The local church is one of the main hubs of activity and sources of information for seniors – many times when an elder member experiences a life changing event the church is relied upon to offer guidance and assistance.  This series offers both spiritual principals and practical planning tools that both church leaders and members can share and benefit from. 

“Finishing Well in Life” provides spiritual based instruction on discovering God’s purpose in life and how to accomplish it. Attendance is free and open to members and guests of the sponsoring church. Pastors and those working in senior ministries are encouraged to participate. More information on Finishing Well Ministries and classes may be found here: